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What full-time job is more important than being a CEO, takes more time than someone working double shifts at a job AND holds more responsibility than owning as many businesses as Richard Branson?

You guessed it. Parenting! It’s by far the most important job in the world! Without good parenting, how will all of those successful CEOs and creative people grow up to do what they do best?

MyVoxSongs was born 5 years ago out of a passion and unique combination of my mine and my husband’s talents. While I gained extensive experience in the music industry (including Simon Cowell’s X Factor), my husband developed into a professional musician.

Having our first child, we became cautious about the kind of content we wanted our toddler to be exposed to. Every sound, every jingle would have an influence, so we decided to create our own fun nursery rhymes. We also thought it was kind of cute seeing our kid experience fun sounds made at home. I drew the pictures and my husband sang the songs, creatively fusing the two elements to bring wonderful videos to life.

Quickly we realised that, after sharing the videos, they became popular as other parents connected with the positive tunes. As a dynamic duo, we expanded the projects, developing a website, iTunes Album, DVD and an iPhone app, and the videos are now used by parents, child carers, nurseries and schools.

MyVoxSongs is committed to bringing you more uplifting, fun content to share with your youngsters. To accomplish this, we need your partnership! The best way to contribute is to use our social media channels: subscribe to our YouTube, like us on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter to receive your free colouring.

The more feedback we receive, the better in touch we become with your parental needs and what you notice your child responds to. Let’s work together to strengthen the parent-child bond and positive energy! Get in touch with us and try our products right away!