Are you having a birthday party for your beautiful little baby?

We know that there is so much to organise and remember, from the cake candles to the thank you cards, thats why we wanted to help!

We want to help you, so we’ve listed our baby party ideas below that we think will help  make your party a  happy and easy birthday celebration!

  1. Watch the clock. Plan the duration of the party to be an hour to an hour-and-a half. Babies and toddlers have a short attention span and run out of interest and energy very quickly. The ideal is to plan your party for late morning late afternoon, generally during hours when the babies aren’t tired or have just woken from their nap.
  2. Guest List. Scale back your list in order to avoid overwhelming your baby. This has the added benefit of leaving you free to have quality time with your baby on their special birthday.
  3. Ask help. You can either hire a baby sitter or ask a family member to help you in order to be able to balance your hosting duties on the day of your baby’s birthday party.
  4. Balloons Balloons! All babies love balloons! Go for foil balloons instead of latex since it seems they are safer for kids under 8.
  5. Play area! Create a baby proof play zone filled with age-appropriate toys! Place chairs around the zone in order for parents to watch while relaxing and chatting! (Remember to keep space for hot drinks well away from the play zone)
  6. Check your treats! Ask your guests if their kids have any food allergies! Go for the simple healthy snacks and treats (chopped fruits, rice crackers for the kids, (remember to always chop up those grapes, no matter how small they are) and you can keep jam tarts and naughty snacks for the grown ups!!)
  7.  Choose the ideal music! Celebrate your kids birthday in style with our fantastic baby party songs playlist. It serves as a great party backdrop and is just over 40 minutes long so can be played for almost the whole duration of the party. We’ve taken care of the music so you can focus on having a super birthday party. We really wanted to offer you something special so we started off the playlist with the Happy Birthday song.  This is a gentle and slow version so that you can bring out your cake and candles and sing along with it and then as your little one blows out the candles the music keeps playing and the party officially gets going! How fantastic is that?

Check here the ideal songs for your Baby Birthday Party! Enjoy!!!

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