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Lullabies-Their Benefits

“Lullabies are rhymed and harmonious words; in the form of poetry and prose according to a certain melody generally sung by mothers but sometimes also by relatives like grandma, aunt, elder sister etc. in order to soothe crying children or make them sleep.”*

We all know that lullabies help your baby go to sleep. But the truth is that there are a lot more benefits than just that!

Parents have been singing lullabies for thousands of years to help get their baby to sleep and more recently, scientific evidence has proved that lullabies can offer many health benefits to our children!

Here are just a few the benefits from singing lullabies:

  1. Sudden movements and voices make babies afraid and immediately their blood pressure rises. With lullabies we prevent this from happening since in a very short time the high blood pressure drops in normal levels.
  2. Lullabies help in the building healthier.
  3. The lyrics of lullabies are really simple and fluent. As a result, children understand  them easily and can start to sing them rapidly. Therefore, it is a perfect way for children to learn simple words and melodies.
  4. When a mother sings lullabies to her child she builds a strong bond between them. The possibility of a healthier kind of communication between them is much higher!
  5. Lullabies can help you encourage your child to be calmer and reduce anxiety.
  6. The baby or child focuses on hearing their parent’s solo voice. The result of this is the development of hearing skills which is really important as the child is moving forward to playgroup, nursery and preschool.

Enjoy with your little ones one of our favorite lullabies “Lavender’s Blue


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