How to wash your hands. Wash your hands song for kids
Wash your hands song for kids

Here’s a little video that you can watch with your kids to give you guidance on how to wash your hands properly. This is particularly important to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and Covid-19. You can make washing your hands fun and easy. Why not sing your favourite nursery rhyme while washing. You don’t need a Wash your hands song, just pick a song you and your little ones love singing and sing along as you wash your hands. I’ve made this little video with instructions to help you understand what you need to do to keep you and your little ones safe.


Keep safe and WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN WITH SOAP & WATER. This video shows you how you can wash your hands thoroughly with your kids while singing the itsy Bitsy Spider twice. Make it fun and a happy habit to have. Happy washing and happy health. 🌟Thanks to Design Master for the use of their National Hand Hygiene Campaign Hand Washing animation – (Infection Control and Central Sterilization Directorate. Ministry of Health | State of Kuwait) See their full hand hygiene instructional video 💛For more videos on keeping safe & clean and protecting yourself from Coronavirus / Covid 19 and the spread of this virus – check out the following videos great videos 🔹How To Wash Your hands in 20 Seconds 🔹How To Wash Your Smartphone 🔹For more information about the coronavirus pandemic and keeping sage & healthy – click the UK’s NHS information link:


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