Welcome to MyVoxSongs

MyVoxSongs was born 10 years ago out of a passion to create down to earth, inspiring character animation and music that even parents would like to listen and sing along to.

We wanted our kids to enjoy and be inspired to draw, sing and create. Creating original characters and combining them with art and music was a perfect way to bring the characters to life and give kids everywhere a place to enjoy the simple songs and cartoons.

10 years later, over 400 million views, My Vox Songs is loved by babies, toddlers, young children, parents, nursery teachers, nurseries and pre-schools all around the world.

MyVoxSongs is committed to bringing you more uplifting, fun content to share with your youngsters, it’s perfect for spending quality time, activity time, home school and even sleep time!

Our passion is to create the very best characters, art, stories and music so you can entertain your little bunnies any time, any place, any where.

Let’s work together to strengthen the parent-child bond and positive energy! Get in touch with us and tell us what you would like to see.

Baby Bear From Goldilocks MyVoxSongs

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