The ‘Mascara Lesbians’ And 10 Other Femmes You Didn’t Know Been Around

Zara getting a mascara lesbian

Picture by Owen Gould

A few years ago if someone called myself a
I would personally get irritated. I found myselfn’t yes

exactly why

I managed to get inflamed, but also for whatever reason, it thought


Possibly it’s because i’ve internalized misogyny

We stressed to myself personally, wanting to know basically had dropped victim with the wrath of patriarchy or some shit. And we recognized, no, screw that, i enjoy becoming as flamboyantly girly as possible over any entity I know. We worship on altar of girly-ness like Catholics worship Jesus and indigenous brand-new Yorkers praise bagels with cream-cheese and lox on Saturday days.

Finally, while sitting on a panel in LA about “femme style” I got to the root of my personal problem. The expression femme don’t resonate beside me given that it ended up being also one-note. I’m a specific girl would youn’t interact with something common. While I have my fingernails completed, we’ll inquire about “robin’s egg bluish” or a “Pepto-bismal red with a violet undertone.” I’m an incredibly visual animal very blanket terms and conditions like
are way too a lot of a grey muddled mess personally.

Eventually I found myself sitting at a
(let us come on, when was I


) when someone (a lovely
homosexual child
) asked what sort of
I happened to be. Before i possibly could answer, my buddy Justin replied for me. “Zara’s a mascara lesbian! Not a lipstick lesbian, a

makeup lesbian

!” never ever had an identity felt thus to me personally.

From that minute on, I relished in becoming femme. I found myself motivated by being a mascara lesbian. We attained into my personal handbag and pulled my personal Too-Faced “much better than gender” mascara and started feverishly adorning it unto my eyelashes immediately in the bar, without a mirror. It felt visceral. Primal.


And so I chose it’s the perfect time for femmes to possess some more powerful, innovative ways to recognize (should they therefore desire, it really is everything about choices, honey). For femmes are available an enormous assortment of varied styles and thoughts. Listed below are 10 different femmes I eventually love, that perchance you didn’t understand existed.

1. The makeup lesbian

The makeup lesbian is a really certain strain of lesbian that will be hyper-sexual and has now a sky high
. She loves to
eye f*ck
and understands that the most sexy thing a girl may do is bat her rich eyelashes, very she can be applied two thousand applications of mascara on for remarkable impact. She wears mascara every-where — towards the gym, work, on the subway, the homosexual club, the coastline. She should change her mascara at least twice a month.

She doesn’t use
perhaps not because she does not

really love

it, it is simply that she’s always willing to have pleasure in salacious make-out classes and also learned the tough way, that reddish lip stick and enthusiastic, impulsive kisses can find yourself appearing like a vile murder world! Until, make use of liquid-to-matte lip stick, but that’s too much of a damn dedication for her. The mascara lesbian is commonly flighty and all of across the location. She’s typically a big member and cannot help but flirt with everybody.

2. The eyelash expansion lesbian

The eyelash extension lesbian is precisely like the makeup lesbian, except she’s got longer and a lot more cash. Eyelash extensions are the ultimate seducers since you can wake-up each day with eyebrow-cascading eyelashes, without having to get quarter-hour to use mascara.

The sole disadvantage is that extensions are extremely, very expensive and call for bi-weekly hour-long application classes. The eyelash expansion lesbian is commonly a rich, girl of leisure, but in addition very sexual and coy. All mascara lesbians attempt to be eyelash expansion lesbians.

3. The fabric princess lesbian

The leather-based princess lesbian always has *one* little bit of
(or pleather) on, regardless the growing season or event. Sometimes it’s a wonderful studded cuff, in other cases it is a badass bomber jacket, in other cases it’s a kinky thong. She juxtaposes her hard-edged leather-based with super frilly baby-doll outfits and prim little peter cooking pan collar surfaces, so that you can precisely mindf*ck you.

You cannot determine if she is an overall dominatrix or the sweetest kitten you’ve previously satisfied. She actually is a


in bed.

4. The glamour bitch lesbian

The style bitch is a rather daunting, vocal, femme, who is about the unapologetic vivid red lipstick, the floor-length imitation fur layer, the big locks, plus the mega-tan. In some circles, she actually is known as the “Tx lesbian” because she appears type of like a Southern charm king, just far more


The glamour bitch frequently drinks blood-red wine and smokes Virginia Slims that she lights up with a monogrammed 14-carat silver lighter. She is unusual into the millennial world and it is frequently gen X or a boomer. Gay men worship this lady and she typically has some kind of theatre history. I usually search a glamour bitch to serve as my mentor.

5. The label whore lesbian

The tag whore lesbian is actually obsessed with every little thing and any such thing developer. She doesn’t flaunt the woman posh labels, but if you’re to peer into her perfectly organized dresser you would observe that the woman quick cotton fiber tees tend to be by concept therefore the cashmere throw casually thrown across her sofa is Ralph Lauren. The woman nails are always tidy and nice, the woman apartment is actually flawless and she accumulates Jo Malone candle lights.

She actually is often a Taurus because we all know Taurus lesbians like bougie crap. She’s a big lover of dental sex though she actually is a germaphobe. She lives in those types of brand new cup structures in Williamsburg.

6. The sad-girl ’90s lesbian

The ‘
90s sad-girl lesbian
is actually a tremendously sad-eyed, breathtaking strain of femme lesbian just who wants to rock and roll beautiful tee-shirt outfits and sets this lady torn black colored jeans with tiny pale gray harvest surfaces but throws a flannel around the woman waistline to prove the woman brutal devotion to the decade of grunge. She wants those very pretty Dr. Martin shoes with a heel and she actually is memorized every Ani Difranco lyric to previously occur. She had her basic kiss at an
Indigo Girl’s
show and privately web sites Courtney appreciate as her design icon. In highschool, she dated guys which used nail polish.

She is an impossible romantic, loves the rainfall, and drives a Prius.

7. The witch bitch

bitch will be the consummate lesbian goth. She wears all absolute black colored lace, increasingly continues to be from the sunlight, burns sage at the office and attains an insatiable flavor for several situations ~velvet~. This lady has three royal black kitties whom reside in the woman plush home and she listens to bands like Cocteau Twins and Portishead.

She doesn’t have

any variety of

male friends and frequently speaks from the “divine goddess.” She is a sensual kisser and certainly will study your hand after sex. Do not mix the woman though. The witch bitch will haunt the crap out of you in your nightmares for


if you screw the woman over.

8. The long-skirt lesbian

The long-skirt lesbian is a hippy which likely went to either Smith college or university or Wellesley. She wears long, streaming skirts that kiss the top of raw earth, and contains a bevy of gold toe bands on her behalf always-exposed feet. She’s a
of a large oak tree rising the woman lithe supply and she rubs hemp petroleum onto the woman temples every morning.

She has a shocking desire for metal and frequently times material head dykes (they balance both away and both dislike deodorant).

She’s an


vegan prepare.

9. The lip stick lesbian

lipstick lesbian
is actually awesome provocative and radiates sexual electricity, but she is a total tease. She seduces the masses by pouting the woman seriously painted lip area within club, but she doesn’t hug anybody. The lipstick lesbian will not spoil her gorgeous lip area for you, baby. She must be wined and dined and fawned over before she eliminates the woman lipstick and becomes vulgar with you.

And that’s why she actually is thus hot! United states lezzies love a chase, never we?

10. The summer bikini lesbian

You realize that lesbian because of the rock-hard abs and impressive muscle tone in her legs, the person you never ever, ever before see during the wintertime? But come memorial time weekend she’s out every-where? She’s playing volleyball on the coastline in fire area, she’s drawing back cocktails in main Park, she is at bikini brunch and every goddamn lesbian bbq? And she’s always in a string bikini and cute small baseball cap? It really is like she teaches all winter-long and sticks to a strict keto diet and subsequently in the summer will come traipsing to the world all jet tanned and enthusiast and making the everyone else believe bad about our selves?

This lez is actually hot and often extremely effective. She hibernates during the winter and slays in her own job but parties like a rockstar all summer time very long. We miss their after cold weather will come, but look forward to seeing her during summer.

What sort of ~femme~ have you been? Tell me into the remarks.

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