How about a little dance with your children?



Music brings people together. Through music, children take an inner experience and move it into a shared creative experience. Group music-making releases energy which can be channeled in creative, productive directions. Children learn about themselves and others by playing music together and by listening to each other — tapping into hidden courage that can be played out by singing together or discovering the inner resources to listen quietly to another child’s playing.”

Judi Bosco
Board Certified Music Therapist

Dance with you children has so many benefits!

It’s fun & enjoyable! In addition, it’s really useful for many parts of the brain and creates a bigger bond between you and your little ones!

You can even start including dancing in the the first weeks after birth! Here’s what we think are the most important benefits of dancing!

  1. Your baby is moving through different positions and this helps to increase the sense of balance, space & body awareness, touch, hearing & vision!
  2. With dance your baby develops a good sense of space, form & rhythm!
  3. Dancing generates stimulation to the nerve endings that are positioned in your the inner ear! This sends messages to the brain in order provide further development of body, space awareness  & balance!
  4. Dance & songs gives your babies the opportunity to train their memory, even in the early years (months!)

At MyVoxSongs we understand the importance of dancing in the development babies and children!

Olly Drew created a fabulous Pop Song for our children! Our kids loved it so much and they ‘rocked out’ everytime it came on so we thought we would share it with the world.  The name of this song is “The Wiggle!”

“The Wiggle” is an original Pop Song by MyVoxSongs, perfect  for a little dance with  your little ones.  It’s a great action song that keeps your children engaged, moving and eventually ‘tired out’ :)!

We really hope that you’ll enjoy it and that you’ll have fun with your babies and children!

What are you waiting for? Get up and dance The Wiggle with your children Now! CLick the video below.


Click the above player to watch The Wiggle


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