How to Get Ready for Halloween!

Trick or Treat?

YAY! Halloween is here! One of the most wonderful and full-of treats holiday of the year! We all were waiting for this with great anticipation!

Today we made a small research for you in order to find some nice ideas on how to have the most unforgettable spooky-fun during this Halloween!

In order to get Ready you just have to follow these steps:

Make a Plan of the things that you wanna do!Bellow are some fun things that you do

  • Decoration! Spider webs, withes and anything that brings in your mind Halloween can be used for your house decoration! In case you don’t want to have a scary decoration  put a friendly scarecrow outside, with some pumpkins in front of it.
  • Carve! Choose some pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch as they are more expensive at the mall.

Create the ideal costume! Get a costume for you also and not just for your kids! Halloween is for everyone! Please don’t be left out! Costumes in stores are pretty expensive but you can use  your creativity and make anything on your own! With simple and daily materials you can come up with great costumes! In this article you can find some wonderful ideas for handmade Halloween costumes —>

Choose what kind  of candy you want! There are so many different kind of candies for each and every taste…Yummy! So go ahead and plan the type of candies that you wanna have for this Halloween!

Wear your costumes and be ready for the big night!

Don’t forget to accompany your night with the ideal song :


And for our Spanish speaking friends Itzi bitzi araña



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