Mothers Day-A Unique Gift Idea



It’s mothers day in the UK Sunday 6th march but we are celebrating Mothers Day …everywhere!
We don’t think it has to be one day a year! Mothers celebrate every day!

A little history about Mothers Day

Mothering Sunday is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and usually falls in the second half of March or early April. This year it falls on Sunday, March 6th.

For centuries the day has been associated with mothers and family. It was a custom for people for a long period to return home to their ‘mother’ church on Laetare Sunday – the middle of Lent. Finally, this day turned to be a family reunion!

Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) from Philadelphia campaigned for an official day to honor mothers in the US and is regarded as the “Mother of Mother’s Day”. But she was increasingly concerned at the increased commercialization of that day. She was saying that “I wanted it to be a day of sentiment, not profit.”

In 1932 other’s Day was adopted in Japan, after 19 years of observance by Christians.Meanwhile in Britain, vicar’s daughter Constance Smith was inspired by a 1913 newspaper report of Jarvis’ campaign and began a push for the day to be officially marked in England.

By the 1950s it was being celebrated throughout Britain and businesses realized the commercial opportunities.

Mother’s Day traditions

Mother’s Day is associated with Simnel cakes. During Lent, people didn’t eat sweets. However, Mothering Sunday is an exception & many people  prepared a Simnel cake to eat with their family on this day. A Simnel cake is a light fruit cake covered with a layer of marzipan and with a layer of marzipan baked into the middle of the cake.

MyVoxSongs suggestion for a special Mothers Day Gift!

Every year we are trying to come up with special gift ideas for  that special woman in our life who brought us in life and is always there no matter what…

This year Myvoxsongs is here with a unique gift idea for that special woman in your life!

Make a simple & gentle gesture for mothers day sending out this card to your lovely mother or any  other  mother you know! The lyrics are ours and we hope you like it!

Happy Mothers Day!!!



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