What do they really really want!

First off, Mothers Day in the US is on Sunday May 12th – so, guys & gals, don’t forget!

Go and put the date in your diary. For now, read on to find out what the best

present a mother could receive is.


Chocolates, Flowers, Mothers Day Song

You might think it’s flowers, or chocolates or maybe if you’ve got some extra cash you might get

a piece of jewellery, or a weekend at a spa. (Flowers will always win a few points!)

All these gifts are indeed wonderful and would be greatly appreciated, but for

Mothers Day you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money. I’ll tell you what she

wants, what she really, really wants (zig a zig ah!).

Appreciate her. Mothers work tirelessly, day in, day out to ensure their children are

clean, fed, have everything they need and are happy and his is all done through

natural motherly love. Although she doesn’t do this for a ‘thank you’, it

would be nice for her efforts are appreciated from time to time, therefore it’s worth thinking about what your mother is passionate about and what does she really love to do.

So how could you show your appreciation for the Mothers in your life on

Mums with young children

Let Mum enjoy the children; let her experience the joy of her children without any

of the chores. Mum’s a multi-tasking queen, just for one day, take away the multi-
tasking and treat her like a queen. Oh, and don’t forget the card from the kids!

Let her lie in, make sure the children’s needs are taken care of, (i.e. breakfast for all

and cleared away). Let her spend the day relaxing, knowing that the myriad of

demands for her attention are gone, just for one day. Get a picnic ready. Go to the

park. It doesn’t have to be an expensive day out.

Mums with older children and teenagers

Although the children are less dependent, Mum would still like to have some of the

pressure off. Take the initiative and organise a wonderful family meal, getting

everyone to pitch in with the cooking. (If lunch is at home then don’t forget to clear

up afterwards!). The kids could even make up their own beds. That would be a nice


The Mother’s Day Card

The card. Apart from saying ‘I love you mom/mum’ and ‘you’re the best mom/mum’ get them to

write in at least one reason to thank Mom/Mum (more will, of course, be most welcome, I’m sure)

for all the things she does – often without thanks or acknowledgment. She

needs to be Queen for the day, ideally this should be everyday but at least Mother’s Day brings some awareness to everyone how important she is in their lives.


Older Mothers and Grandmothers

While older mothers children may have grown up and moved out but this doesn’t mean she can’t still be appreciated in the right way. She may not be dealing with

the daily needs of the children but she’s still there and she will still feel loved and appreciated if you can give her a little of your time and thoughts.

Now’s your chance to thank her for all the things she did for the children.

Go see your mother, especially if you have children yourself, let her enjoy the

grandchildren. Reminisce on your own childhood and tell her how much you

appreciated everything she did, even if you didn’t show it at the time. Take your

mother out for a lovely meal, again letting her leave the cooking and cleaning aside

for one day. Create a photo book of pictures of her as a young mom/mum. Photobox and other digital photo stores do some great deals.

Single Mothers Need To Be Celebrated

Single mothers are the ones who do it all themselves. They work tirelessly day

after day with very little help. She’s the one who works hardest out of all mothers.

If you are a single mother, why not visit the extended family, or arrange lunch with

your mom/mum/parent friends. Or you could visit your own mother and spend quality time to enjoy the fun of

being a mother for one day. If you have no-one else around to tell you how

appreciated you are, then let me tell you now – we appreciate you and that’s why we made this little Mothers Day video for you, from your kids.

Wherever you are and whomever you are with have a wonderful day. Enjoy the natural

pleasures of having a family and being a mother.

Check out our Mother’s Day YouTube Video made by Myvoxsongs especially for Mother’s Day – featuring Kittens & cuteness. Another Mothers Day video you might like is ‘You Are My Sunshine’. We think it’s the perfect song for Mother’s Day of all ages, in all places.

Please share with your friends and family and friends for Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day!

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