Make your learning interactive & visual.

When do you start teaching your children numbers, letters, the alphabet, music, art? Does it actually matter when? Interactive activities are an integral part of social emotional learning. According to the The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) “learning is an intrinsically social and interactive process: it takes place in collaboration with one’s teachers, in the company of one’s peers, and with the support of one’s family.”
Lessons that are active help children to gain first hand social & emotional skills! It’s crucial that all these activities are not taking place only in the school but are also extended into the family of the child!
The five areas that are developed in our a child with the interactive learning are:
  1. self-awareness
  2. responsible decision-making
  3. emotion management
  4. social awareness
  5. healthy relationship building
The development of the aforementioned skills help our children in tracking their goals, face challenges, and develop mechanisms that help them resist negative peer influence.
Some examples of activities that help the development of these skills can be: Games, role-plays and others that reinforce what our children have learned.  In addition, hands-on activities help children in developing these essential areas of skills, interactive games develop teamwork , cooperation, group decision-making and relationship skills!
Finally, real life scenarios give our children the opportunity to use all these skills that they have learned, understanding their selves and the others.
We’ve teamed up with Sophie’s Toy Club to talk and draw the alphabet. As you read above, it’s clear that one of the best ways of learning it to be interactive and that’s why I am drawing the a b c ‘s with our little one and talking about each one. We go through the whole alphabet, and I have split the videos into 3 parts, see below for the first in the series.  I really hope you enjoy so please comment int he box below if you and your kids watched it through. There’s also The Alphabet Song that you can sing along with at the end of the video. Happy learning 🙂


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