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As you know My Vox Songs is a family business. We’re able to do what we do because we have the passion and the talent to bring your families the best nursery rhymes and kids videos for free. We’ve been doing this for over seven years and enjoyed entertaining kids around the world with our music and art. Over this time we have developed our skills and delighted to tell you about some great new ideas. We’d love to share these with you and will bring you more details in the coming weeks. In order to create these new ideas we need your support and this means funding. In order to get these fabulous ideas of the ground we have to have them created by third parties so we have set up a new funding site. You can now directly contribute to what we produce at My Vox Songs. If we meet the funding targets we can begin the process of creating these new ideas.

Our kids, like yours, are young and are growing up in a world of constant techno entertainment. We want to continue to create a world of entertaining animation with kids videos that encourage learning, music and fun. Would you like to help us continue to do this?  If so, then check out our new funding site where you can pledge a donation and become a Patron of our up and coming projects. See here for more information

We’ve never raised funding like this before but it is an exciting way of sharing the love & creating something worthwhile together. If you go to our funding page, you can leave comments and tell us what you would like to see. We can’t always guarantee creating it, but we shall certainly take it on board and would love to have the conversation.

Check us out and please help us make a difference to the world of online video entertainment for kids.


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